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We innovate and enhance products for our clients to help people live a healthier lifestyle
Nanofact Technology is a State of the Art innovator of Nano Technology founded by a molecular Biophysicist and a Visionary Entrepreneur. We create products and services that cater to your expectations and evolve to meeting your needs and adjust to suit your creativity and lifestyle of your customers.
Our Services
We help our clients create Health & Beauty products with enhanced efficacy through our patent pending processes and our single digit nanometer emulsified oils. We can provide a full turnkey process to get your products formulated, manufactured, fulfilled, warehoused and even distributed so your focus can be on the Sales and Marketing of your products.
Health & Beauty Aids
Creating beauty that is more inclusive for everyone. We are unique and have diverse beauty desires.
We are experts in nanosizing compounds such as medicine, vitamins, and protein powders to improve the efficacy and the absorption rate of your products for better results.
Infusing and Nano sizing CBD
We use our patent pending technology to nanosize CBD, vitamins, and supplements for better absorption into the body and bloodstream.
  The demonstration shows how our Nano-Emulsion disappears when it is added to water. The Nano-Emulsion has a CBD droplet size of 10nm - 20nm, and the concentration of CBD is 50mg/ml. At this droplet size range the Nano-Emulsion is transparent. The Nano-Emulsion is made from all natural GRAS ingredients, by a proprietary process. #nanofact #nanofacttech #nanoemulsion #cbd #cbdnanoemulsion .
Why Choose Us?
  • Feature #1
    We enjoy helping our clients to grow their business with our support from manufacturing to logistics.
  • Feature #2
    We are a turnkey operation and can assist in every aspect of your business to help you succeed.
  • Feature #3
    Working with our company gives you peace of mind and we have 45 years experience working with small to very large companies.
  • Feature #4
    If you want to concentrate on your Marketing and Sales, working with us provides you with all the tools of warehousing, pick and pack and logistics.
  • Feature #5
    Our priority is to make your company successful so your success is our success.
  • Feature #6
    We believe in using innovation and technology to increase efficiency and in making superior products for our clients so they can stand out from the competition.
We love working with our clients
We innovate and enhance products for our clients to help people live a healthier lifestyle
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